Mailings for IASC


Dear Members,

​It seems that the number of Invited Pape​r Sessions (IPSs) for the virtual ISI WSC 2021 submitted so far is quite low. The submission deadline has therefore been extended until 30th November.

If you have not yet submitted your IPS proposal, please make sure you do so by 30th November. Also, please encourage any interested colleagues to submit their proposals. More proposals would be more than welcome.

All the essential information about the IPSs is summarized below but more details can be found at .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (see the e-mail address below).

Note that all Organisers, Chairs, Presenters and Discussants of any session must be registered participants of the WSC. Exceptions may be granted to Organisers who are unable to attend, but not to individuals in any of the other roles.

Best regards,
Anne Ruiz-Gazen
IASC representative on the ISI WSC 2021 SPC

Invited Paper Sessions

IP sessions (90 minutes long) can either have

  • three speakers and one discussant (25 mins per talk and 15 mins discussion), or
  • three speakers and no discussant (30 mins per talk including Q&A)

IP sessions (60 minutes long) can have two speakers (30 mins per talk).
Panel sessions are also possible (60 mins or 90 mins).

Proposals require the following information:

  • Session Title - description
  • Connection to ISI, Associations or Committees
  • Organiser – name, affiliation, contact information
  • Session Chair – name, affiliation, contact information
  • For each speaker,
  1. Name, affiliation, contact information
  2. Title of talk (if appropriate – not needed for panel)

The selection criteria will take into account scientific quality, impact, and overall diversity. Strong proposals will have speakers confirming their willingness to participate should the programme be accepted. The best proposals will include participants that reflect the diversity of ISI including age, gender and country/region. Note that speakers can only speak in one session.

When submitting a proposal, you should indicate to which of the ISI Associations your session is related.

Accepted Invited Sessions will be held either live-streamed or pre-recorded, details will be given later. The pre-recorded sessions will have a time to have live interactions with attendees. The SPC will determine which IPS will be offered in which modality, but all submissions should be willing to do either.


Real-time (synchronous) sessions will be scheduled each day. This time block is necessarily limited, given the desire to reach out to all time zones. It will last two and a half hours from 14:00 to 16:30 Central European Summer Time. The relevant times are:

West Coast USA05:0007:30
The Netherlands14:0016:30
Australia (Sydney)22:0000:30
New Zealand00:0002:30


Asynchronous, pre-recorded sessions will be released each day during the conference. Opportunities to interact with presenters either live or via chat will be available.