Mailings for TIES


Dear TIES members,

TIES Statutes

As a result of the unusual times that we all find ourselves in, this year we had to hold the TIES AGM virtually.  It was an exception for this year only.  However, if we wish to continue holding virtual AGMs in the future then we are required to make a modification to the TIES Statutes to allow this to happen.  We asked the participants of the TIES AGM 2020 (which took place online on Friday 21 August 2020) to vote on whether or not they would be happy with the below addition to the Statutes. 95% of the participants voted ‘yes’ and 5% abstained from voting.

We have therefore added the following statement to the Statutes (attached) in point 5.1:

“………..The General Assembly meeting may be held virtually. In the case of a virtual meeting, members are given the opportunity to participate online and vote.”

There was no time to consult the full membership before the AGM.  However, if anyone wishes to raise concerns about the above addition to the Statutes then please let us know within the next 4 weeks.  Otherwise, we will consider this addition to the Statutes as finalized.

TIES Virtual Conference

Planning is underway for the TIES 2020 virtual conference entitled “Frontiers in Statistics, Epidemiology and the Environment.” The conference will be held on 2-4 December 2020 using a virtual platform facility. All details about the event can be found on the TIES website and will be updated once new information becomes available. We hope to meet you at the conference!

Best wishes,
Lelys Bravo and Claire Miller
TIES President and TIES Secretary,