Mailings for ISI


Dear ISI member,

The ISI Nominations Committee is soliciting nominations from members of the entire ISI family for the next slate of candidates for the ISI Executive Committee (EC) and Council.

The positions to be filled (terms of office) and number of nominations needed are:

  • President – Elect (2025 – 2027); one (1) candidate to be nominated.
  • Two Vice-Presidents (2025 – 2029); selected from four (4) candidates on ballot.
  • Eight Council Members (2025 – 2029); selected from sixteen (16) candidates on ballot.

The President-Elect and elected Vice-Presidents will join continuing members of the ISI Executive Committee 2023 – 2025 and the elected Council members will join the ISI Council 2023 – 2025. The Executive Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and promoting a strategic plan for the activities of ISI. Specific administrative activities include the policies and programmes of the ISI; supporting policies and programmes of the ISI; administering ISI financial matters; determining membership fees for organisational and affiliated members; taking all final decisions on application for membership and more.

The Executive Committee also convenes the General Assembly meetings and submits the annual report to the General Assembly.

The Council advises the Executive Committee on the policies and programmes of the ISI; participates in the long-term planning process; assists the Executive Committee in the implementation of policies and programmes when appropriate; establishes and, when necessary, dissolves Committees and Special Interest Groups; and develops operating procedures for ISI Committees and Special Interest Groups. Council members often are asked to serve on working groups to address new initiatives or to support critical activities in the ISI.

The elected officers will lead and support the ISI’s efforts in a range of international activities and will collaborate with other societies and organisations to promote the profession worldwide.

Activities include, among others:

  • Promote and advance the Strategic Priorities of the ISI:
    • encourage statistical communications and networking and ensuring viable and vibrant World Statistics Congresses and other conferences;
    • increasing the public voice of statistics;
    • developing capacity building and supporting statisticians who are younger or from developing countries;
    • fundraising to support key activities;
    • membership development and improving services and benefits to members;
  • Other important activities include supporting the United Nations’ statistical endeavours; United Nations’ endeavours;

In view of these responsibilities, the nominees must have the time, energy and dedication to become fully engaged in the International Statistical Institute and to participate in its work. The nominees should have a broad knowledge of and interest in the field, the challenges it faces such as ethics, Artificial Intelligence, climate change, training of career success factor / soft skills, and a vision of how to promote statistics at the international level. A person with a broader perspective encompassing sales, marketing & communications can also make an important contribution. It is important to consider diversity in terms of gender, geographical representation, sector / experience (government / official statistics, research, academia and business / industry), age and areas of interest as you make your nominations. 

We ask that all nominations be submitted in the online nomination form.

The Nominations Committee welcomes motivation letters. If you have questions, please contact us at

Deadline: 30 September 2023

Kind regards,

ISI Nominations Committee