International Statistical Review
Volume 88, Issue 3 Pages: 521-812 December 2020

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Issue Information

First Published: 08 November 2020


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A Conversation With Paul Embrechts

Christian Genest, Johanna G. Nešlehová

Pages: 521-547 | First Published: 19 October 2020

Original Articles

Advanced Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods

Ajay Jasra, Kody Law, Carina Suciu

Pages: 548-579 | First Published: 03 March 2020

Smoothing and Benchmarking for Small Area Estimation

Rebecca C. Steorts, Timo Schmid, Nikos Tzavidis

Pages: 580-598 | First Published: 16 March 2020

Likelihood, Replicability and Robbins' Confidence Sequences

Luigi Pace, Alessandra Salvan

Pages: 599-615 | First Published: 28 November 2019

On variable ordination of modified Cholesky decomposition for estimating time‐varying covariance matrices

Xiaoning Kang, Xinwei Deng, Kam‐Wah Tsui, Mohsen Pourahmadi

Pages: 616-641 | First Published: 02 December 2019

Is there a 'safe area' where the nonresponse rate has only a modest effect on bias despite non‐ignorable nonresponse?

Dan Hedlin

Pages: 642-657 | First Published: 14 January 2020

A Review of Envelope Models

Minji Lee, Zhihua Su

Pages: 658-676 | First Published: 27 January 2020

Tests of Normality of Functional Data

Tomasz Górecki, Lajos Horváth, Piotr Kokoszka

Pages: 677-697 | First Published: 17 February 2020

Graphical Comparison of High‐Dimensional Distributions

Reza Modarres

Pages: 698-714 | First Published: 23 January 2020

A Non‐Proportional Hazards Model with Hazard Ratio Functions Free from Covariate Values

Anthony Y. C. Kuk

Pages: 715-727 | First Published: 22 March 2020

Open Access

Performance Measures in Dose‐Finding Experiments

Nancy Flournoy, José Moler, Fernando Plo

Pages: 728-751 | First Published: 26 February 2020

Bayesian Model Selection of Gaussian Directed Acyclic Graph Structures

Federico Castelletti

Pages: 752-775 | First Published: 27 June 2020

A Geometrical Interpretation of Collinearity: A Natural Way to Justify Ridge Regression and Its Anomalies

José García‐Pérez, María del Mar López‐Martín, Catalina García‐García, Román Salmerón‐Gómez

Pages: 776-792 | First Published: 24 April 2020

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: ‘On Quantile‐based Asymmetric Family of Distributions: Properties and Inference’

Francisco J. Rubio Alvarez

Pages: 793-796 | First Published: 25 October 2020

Response to the Letter to the Editor on ‘On Quantile‐based Asymmetric Family of Distributions: Properties and Inference’

Irène Gijbels, Rezaul Karim, Anneleen Verhasselt

Pages: 797-801 | First Published: 25 October 2020

Book Reviews

Statistical Remedies for Medical Researchers

Bibhas Chakraborty

Pages: 802-804 | First Published: 25 October 2020


Carl M. O'Brien

Pages: 804-806 | First Published: 21 October 2020

Statistical Inference via Convex Optimization Nillas, Alice Anatoli Juditsky and Arkadi Nemirovski Princeton University Press, 2020, xiv + 656 pages, £ 70/$85, hardcover ISBN: 978‐0‐6911‐9729‐6

Debashis Ghosh

Pages: 806-808 | First Published: 21 October 2020

Time Series: A First Course With Bootstrap Starter Tucker S. McElroy and Dimitris N. Politis CRC Press, 2020, xix + 566 pages, £ 74.99/$99.95, hardcover ISBN 978‐1‐4398‐7561‐0

Yao Qiwei

Pages: 808-809 | First Published: 20 October 2020

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