International Statistical Institute February 2020
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Messages & Reports
President’s Message
May 12, 1820 – A birthday that changed health care, nursing and statistics. Happy 200th birthday, Florence Nightingale. More>>
Director’s Message
Read the ISI Director's update on recent and upcoming ISI activities. More>>
World Statistics Congress (WSC)
63rd ISI World Statistics Congress 2021 - The Hague, The Netherlands
ISI President-Elect Steve Penneck will see you in The Hague! Academics from the Philippines, Indonesia and Nigeria also hope to meet you at the WSC next year! More>>
Calls and Announcements
ISI Side Event at the 51st Session of the UNSC, 2 March 2020
Participants of the 51st Session of the UN Statistical Commission are invited to attend the ISI Side Event on ‘Effective Communication of Statistics’. More>>
2020 IAOS-ISI Conference “Better Lives 2030”: Registration now open
The 2020 IAOS-ISI conference will be held in Livingstone on 19 -21 May 2020. The meeting combines the 17th IAOS Conference and the 3rd ISI Regional Statistics Conference, and is jointly organized by the IAOS, ISI and the Zambia Statistics Agency. More>>
ISI Associations' News
BS News
  • Bernoulli Journal Lecture at the 63rd ISI World Statistics Congress
  • New Chair of CCSP
  • 11th Bernoulli-IMS World Congress 2024: Site visit to Bochum
  • 6th IMS Asia Pacific Rim Meeting
  • Zambia 2020 IAOS-ISI Conference “Better Lives 2030: Mobilising the power of data for Africa and the world”
  • SJIAOS December 2019 issue
  • Latest Official Statistics debate
  • Extra issue of the SJIAOS on ‘Official Statistics for Africa’
  • 63rd ISI WSC 2021 – The Hague, The Netherlands
  • The III International School on Classification and Data Analysis
  • Call for Papers: COMPSTAT 2020
  • The Data Science and Statistical Visualization Conference
  • LACSC 2020 5th Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing
  • 3rd LARS-IASC School on Computational Statistics and Data Science
Iranian Statistics Conference, 19-21 August 2020, Yazd, Iran: Abstracts due 26 February. More>>
  • The Survey Statistician
  • Recent and upcoming 2020 conferences supported by IASS
  • Other 2020 Conferences on survey statistics and related areas
  • Other news
  • ISBIS 2020: International Symposium on Business and Industrial Statistics
  • ISBIS sponsored conference: International Conference on Advanced Statistical Techniques in Business and Industry
  • Post conference report on ISBIS sponsored conference: Conference on Statistical Methods in Finance
  • ISBIS Invited Session at ENBIS 2020
  • Call for Papers for special issues of ASMBI, the ISBIS Journal
The winning paper of the 2019 Wiley-TIES Best Paper Award announced.
Other News
Special Issue of Teaching Statistics: Call for Submissions
A special issue of Teaching Statistics will be published in 2020 as an e‐book, titled “Teaching Data Science and Statistics: senior school or introductory tertiary". A variety of chapters is envisaged, with a small number of invited chapters, and most oriented to classroom‐ready ideas, case studies and/or materials embodying good teaching practice. More>>
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Ada van Krimpen - ISI Director
Statistical Science for a Better World