International Statistical Institute March 2020
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Important Notices
ISI Permanent Office closed until 6 April
In accordance with the measures taken by the Dutch government to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the ISI Permanent Office will be closed until 6 April 2020. ISI staff members can therefore be reached by e-mail only.
Director’s Message
Important COVID-19 update from the ISI Director. More>>
Messages & Reports
President’s Message
I just returned home after attending my first United Nations Statistical Commission meetings. The delegates from National Statistical Offices, International and regional Statistical Organisations and Non-Governmental Agencies participated in the UNSC with focus, intensity and engagement. More>>
Report of the ISI Side Event at the 51st Session of the UN Statistical Commission
The ISI Side Event ‘Effective Communication of Statistics’ included presentations by ONS, Statistics Netherlands and ISI representatives, and was attended by more than 70 UNSC delegates. More>>
ISI turns 135 on 24 June 2020
Creation of the ISI in London on 24 June 1885: Result of a long history of statistical international cooperation initiated in 1851. More>>
ISI General Assembly Report 2019
The General Assembly (GA) took place on 22 August 2019 in conjunction with the 62nd ISI WSC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More>>
World Statistics Congress (WSC)
Proceedings of the 62nd ISI WSC 2019 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We are pleased to announce that the Proceedings of the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress are now accessible online. More>>
Calls & Announcements
Extension of the Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration between ISI and Esri
On 5 March 2020, during a meeting in conjunction with the 51st Session of the UN Statistical Commission in New York, the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and the Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc (Esri) signed an extension of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dated 30 March 2018. More>>
Member News
Member News
ISI and IAOS member Svein Nordbotten has been knighted under the Norwegian Royal Order of St. Olav. The order was given in Bergen, Norway, by the County Governor representing the King Harald V during a ceremony attended by representatives from Statistics Norway, University of Bergen, friends and family.
In Memoriam
Professor Chris J. Skinner
ISI Associations' News
  • SJIAOS March 2020 issue now available
  • The latest Official Statistics debate
  • Extra issue of the SJIAOS on ‘Official Statistics for Africa’
  • 63rd ISI WSC 2021
  • SCORUS 2020
  • News from the IASC Executive Committee
  • Forthcoming event: LACSC 2020 5th Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing
  • Forthcoming event: 3rd LARS-IASC School on Computational Statistics and Data Science
  • Past event: LARS-IASC IPS on Computational Statistics XLV Meeting of the Chilean Society of Statistics
  • Call for Papers: COMPSTAT 2020
  • Call for Papers: DSSV 2020
  • SERJ special issue published: 'Building future generations of statisticians'
  • Scheduled conferences
  • IASS representation on ISI committees and working groups
  • Sad news about Chris Skinner
  • Advances in Statistical Methodology: A symposium to celebrate the career of Professor Ray Chambers
  • Report on the IASS-sponsored event: Conference for Population Surveys, Data Users and Producers, Nigeria, Africa
  • Upcoming 2020 conferences supported by IASS
  • Other 2020 conferences on survey statistics and related areas
Other News
News from Esri: 2020 Census, Shaping Our Future With GIS
A population census is one of a country’s most important data sources. Learn how governments are modernizing their census with GIS technology to gain efficiencies, increase accuracy, and improve collaboration – all while reducing costs. More>>
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