International Statistical Institute July 2020
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Messages & Reports
President’s Message: Reflecting and reacting
What is the lens through which you view the world? Where you live, your culture and how you were raised influence the way you view the world. More>>
ISI Statement about Persisting Legal Action against Andreas Georgiou
Why is he being prosecuted after eight years for following statistical principles? More>>
International Statistical Institute 1885 - 2020
ISI Celebrates its 135th Anniversary
The fourth of the series of articles devoted to the 135th anniversary of the ISI written by Jean-Louis Bodin, former ISI President (1999-2001), describes the first achievements of the ISI after its creation in 1885. More>>
International Statistical Review and Stat Impact Factors
The 2019 Impact Factors for the ISI journals have been released and we are happy to announce that the IF of the ISI flagship journal International Statistical Review has increased to 2.740 - up from 2.209 in 2018. The IF of the journal Stat has also gone up and is 0.766, compared with 0.470 in 2018.
Member News
In Memoriam
  • Former ISI President Willem van Zwet passed away on 2 July 2020
  • ISI Elected Member Professor Vassily Simchera passed away on 16 June 2020
  • ISI Elected Member Professor Clifford H. Spiegelman passed away on 14 May 2020
ISI Committees’ News
News from the South East Asia Outreach Committee
Toh Hock Chai retires as Committee Chair and passes the baton to Hizir Sofyan. More>>
News from the SIG on Sports Statistics
Read about the SIG’s recent and upcoming activities and the collaboration with the Big Data Analytics in Sports network. More>>
News from the Statistical Capacity Building Committee
The ISI Statistical Capacity Building Committee has recently supported a number of initiatives in cooperation with the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA), University of Colorado, and projects in various African countries using funds provided by the World Bank. More>>
ISI Associations’ News
Bernoulli Society News
Read about the Bernoulli-IMS One World Symposium 2020, BS representative on the ISI Short Course Committee for WSC 2021 and the nominations for the European Regional Committee of the BS. More>>
Read about the SJIAOS call for papers on the impact of COVID-19 on official statistics, the official statistics platform and the IAOS Young Statisticians Prize. More>>
Read about the Data Science, Statistics & Visualisation Conference (DSSV 2020), 5th Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing (LACSC 2021), news from the IASC Executive Committee and more.
Read about the Statistics Education Research Journal June issue, datasets about health statistics and future conferences. More>>
Read about the changes to the IASS website, our intention to continue with a series of webinars, further resources on the role of surveys during the Covid-19 pandemic, and upcoming conferences. The monthly IASS newsletter will now be also emailed directly to IASS members. More>>
Read about the International Conference on Data Analytics for Business and Industry and the calls for papers of the ISBIS journal Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry. More>>
ISLP Poster Competition and the Best Cooperative Project Award 2020-2021
There is still time to sign your country or team up for the competitions. See the information on the Poster Competition here and the Best Cooperative Project Award here.
Other News
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