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We thank you for being a member in 2020 and invite you to renew your membership/s for the year 2021 via the Webshop.

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The ISI and its Associations organise many activities for the benefit of its members and to promote the statistics profession. It is important that you have renewed your membership for 2021 in order to receive the reduction on conferences’ registration fees, especially the ISI WSC 2021, and also to avail of the other benefits.

Starting 2021, ISI Regular members can have a free online subscription to the ISI flagship journal International Statistical Review (ISR). The ISI Elected members already enjoy this benefit.

Please donate to your project/s of interest to help us achieve our goal. You will find the donation options on the ‘Shop’ page in the Webshop.

ISI members in the USA can now enjoy a tax reduction for donations to ISI or Associations through the ISI Fund at the Netherland-America Foundation. For more information please visit their website.

We count on you to help the ISI and its Associations to accomplish their objectives in 2021 by renewing your membership/s.

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Ada van Krimpen
ISI Director
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International Statistical Institute

63rd ISI World Statistics Congress
11-16 July 2021 – The Hague, The Netherlands