Mailings for ISI


Dear ISI Member,

According to the ISI By-Laws, the ISI Annual Report voting is open to ISI Elected, Regular, Institutional and Corporate members. The voting emails dispatched between 31 May and 20 June 2021 were accidentally sent to all active members – 3,452 in total – including ISI Association members who aren’t ISI members. When we shared with you the the voting report on 24-25 June, one of our senior members noted that this number was incorrect. The voting invitation should have been sent to ISI members only – a total of 2,442 members. Fortunately, we were able to identify the (anonymized) votes of the ISI members and revise the voting report. This resulted in the following:

On the closing date, 16 June 2021, a total of 750 electronic votes were received. This means that 30.7% of ISI members cast their vote.

695      members voted          ‘In Favour
4          members voted          ‘Against’
51        members voted          ‘Abstain’

The complete version of the revised report is attached for your convenience.


Ada van Krimpen
ISI Director